How it Works


Once you have determined the products and service you would like, we will determine a date and time to deliver the water and set-up the dispenser that works best for you. Along with the water and dispenser you will receive a delivery schedule for the year. Your driver will be by every 13 business days, approximately every two-and-a-half weeks.

Please leave the empty bottles out on your scheduled delivery date, and your route service provider will replace them as needed. If you would like to receive a specific amount of bottles you can leave a note with the bottles, or contact us in the office and we will relay the information to your service provider.

We guarantee that once you are our customer we will fill all service needs within 24 hours of contact. Often we are able to accommodate your requests that same day.


Our bills also act as envelopes that you can use to mail in your payment. You may also leave the payment with the empty bottles, or give it to the service provider in person.

We accept card payments as well. You can call the office to pay with card, or pay online through our website. If you would prefer not to worry about it, we also offer monthly credit billing where your account will be charged for the balance due at the end of every month.