Pricing Policies

Pricing Policies

At Glacier Pure, we guarantee that your office, organization, or home will receive great service with consistent and transparent pricing.

We guarantee the same price for one-year for all customers, but term-length is negotiable at the time of starting service.

If your price is increased, we guarantee that you will be notified prior to the following delivery. We recommend that you read the fine print when dealing with other delivery services. Often, they do not carry the same guarantee.

E-mail us at or call 951-683-3322 to start service today!

Other major bottled water distributors charge $3.oo for paper billing, maintain the ability to increase promotional prices without notice, charge rental fees 13 time per-year, and charge a fee to discontinue services.

We do not work that way. Our prices are guaranteed for at-least one year. We deal with you individually, and find that this is the best way to ensure quality service for you at a fair price.